Please change the font colour for Workspace names back to black

At some point this week, all our Workspace names were changed by from a legible black to a sky blue colour (Hex #009aff). This is more difficult to read, especially on bright, low contrast wall monitors.

Please change Workspace names back to black. Even better, provide a color picker so we can choose.

I am out of votes, but +1 for me on this one, thanks.

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Same here. The system won’t allow me to vote any more. Odd.

Yes, it’s a shame that there is a limit. There are many great ideas in the community which I would like to support with a vote.

I was able to remove some votes by going through my Vote list. There were some items resolved by Monday.

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I think they changed it back to black. At least the workspace titles in my iOS app are black

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Yes, they did. Great! Glad it changed back quickly.

I know that is available to free up votes but I’m puzzled why it’s necessary. No other forums I’m involved with impose voting quotas. They prefer to encourage participation.