Please consider limiting the number of boards shown when selecting a board for an automation

When creating an automation, say one that creates a new item on another board, I find that I need to go through every board I have access to in order to select one. My assumption would be that the initial set of boards shown would just be those in the same workspace, or that boards would be segregated by Workspace. Ideally, the initial set should be limited to the current workspace.

Scrolling is only part of the issue, and I do know that you can start typing the name to limit selections. Maybe this isn’t a problem for others, but I don’t always remember the exact board name, and I can’t get back to see the names without losing all of the progress I made towards creating the automation rule. Since all boards show up, all boards with similar names will also show up.

Lets assume you have 20 different boards, all of which are set up identically, and lets assume you need all 20 because each one of them is using a Jira integration and there is a fixed 1:1 relationship between board and Jira project. That board name you type in will appear 20 times. Even if the icons are different the workspace thumbnail is so tiny that is very easy to make a mistake.