Please help, can anyone explain some parameters in the header when I receive the webhook request?

When I receive a webhook http callback, these parameters in the header

host = ******
user-agent = node-fetch/1.0
content-length = 363
accept = */*
accept-encoding = gzip,deflate
content-type = application/json
newrelic = eyJ2IjpbMCwxXSwiZCI6eyJ0eSI6IkFwcCIsImFjIjoiMjUzODI0IiwiYXAiOiIxOTgyOTY3NDMiLCJ0eCI6IjZhMjJjMGM4YzFiYjdjNDgiLCJ0ciI6IjdmY2YyMzBlN2I1YTliNTQxYTk4MTI1NzBjODMyNzg1IiwicHIiOjAuODM5MDc5LCJzYSI6ZmFsc2UsInRpIjoxNjU5NTk3MzE4NzU0LCJ0ayI6IjE3Mjg3NTUifX0=
traceparent = 00-7fcf230e7b5a9b541a9812570c832785-d3a43e2274bdb079-00
tracestate = 1728755@nr=0-0-253824-198296743-d3a43e2274bdb079-6a22c0c8c1bb7c48-0-0.839079-1659597318754
x-forwarded-for = ****
x-forwarded-proto = https

What does newrelic mean? I decode that

  "v": [
  "d": {
    "ty": "App",
    "ac": "253824",
    "ap": "198296743",
    "tx": "8f6059ef0b16099d",
    "tr": "ddbc2cd76d3d025dfebe3ab1de594808",
    "pr": 0.519519,
    "sa": false,
    "ti": 1659599249631,
    "tk": "1728755"

Can anyone help explain the meaning?

or what information can I get to know that the request is real from Monday and not forged by a hacker? thx

Webhooks do not contain any authentication (using the Webhook) integration.

If you are looking to get more advanced, look into the apps platform. It sends a jwt that is signed. IT also lets you send along additional payload information, such as the column(s) you want to edit. It lets you write code that doesnt need to know anything about the board.

see for more information.

newrelic is a tracing framework uses to trace events through the various micoservices that make up the platform.