Please help me import from Project Plan 365 w columns for Start Date, End Date, Dependencies

I’m trying to import a big Project Plan 365 project from csv / excel. I need to create Gantt charts in Monday. I already have the following columns:
Task Name, Collaborators (multiple Assigned People), Duration in Days, Start Date, End Date, Hours, Dependent Tasks, Cost, %Complete

The trickiest ones to import are:
Collaborators > People
Start Date & End Date > Timeline
Dependent Tasks > Dependency

FYI all of the ones with multiple values (ie multiple People, multiple Dependent Tasks) are comma separated within the cell.

Any advice to get this properly mapped?

@basdebruin have any insights here? Thanks!

Not really for People and Dependencies, I am afraid this will need some Integromat of other coding. To create Timelines out of Start and End dates there is an app for that in the marketplace Apps Marketplace

Glad at least one of these core fields (Timelines) is import-able~! But is this yet another paid app? I don’t see where I can find prices listed to check this myself, just another “Start 10 days trial”…

As for the Excellent Team apps we run our own app-store to be found here Downloads Archive | Excellent Team

There you will find pricing, ordering info, the detailed document (pdf) and the “Try me” link for each Excellent Team app.

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Hi @rich-renegade :wave:

It’s currently only possible to import columns as a Number, Status, Email, Date or Text column.
Unfortunately this does mean you cannot create Timelines, People columns or Dependency Columns via the import.

You could look at using an app as @basdebruin mentioned here, but this would only assist with the importing of a timeline, which you could create from two date columns.

Whilst dependencies must be set manually, you could import your People column as a Text column and then convert the column type after import.
Currently this is only functional with one name in the Person column, although you could try to create teams as an alternative here.

I can definitely appreciate how this would be a useful addition to the platform for yourself, and I’m sure for other teams too, so I would highly recommend opening a thread in our Feature Request section.
Here other users who would also like this added to the platform will be able to upvote the feature!
You can find this here: Feature feedback - monday Community