Please keep the Info Boxes!

I’ve recently been informed that Monday is deprecating the Info Box feature and I have not found a file storage location that can be grouped into customizable “folders” to replace it.

The Info Boxes currently provide a single location that facilitates file storage and organization in related groups (folders), which allow our field teams to access required documents quickly according to a specific service within a project.

If we were to migrate these documents into a single File Column or the File Gallery, then our team would have to search through all documents in order to find the relevant one, which would increase mistakes and delay production. Alternatively, if we had to create individual file columns in order to group these documents according to the service provided, than we would end up with approximately 20-30 additional file columns, which would make our boards massive and difficult to navigate.

So, unless Monday adds a “Folder” feature to group files within the File Gallery, please keep the Info Boxes!