Populate new board for each month's Events schedule with set, recurring dates and times

Every Tuesday and Thursday, at both 11am and 2pm, we offer a webinar. I need an efficient way to create a new Group for each month, where each item is webinar in the order that we offer them. So, for instance the items in the Group for March would look like this:

Item 1 - 3/2 11:00am
Item 2 - 3/2 2:00pm
Item 3 - 3/7 11:00am
Item 4 - 3/7 2:00pm
Item 5 - 3/9 11:00am
Item 6 - 3/9 2:00pm
And so on.

Is there a quick and easy way for each month’s Group to get created with the date (and time?) fields populated?

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