Populate "People" column value using users emails

Background: We have integration which creates an item on the Monday board when action is created in our platform. It is using Graph QL API to achieve this.

Use case: We want to populate people columns on the Monday with created by and assigned to users but we know only emails of these users.

Problem: According to documentation the user ids should be provided to be able to populate “people” column value. People

The apps framework docs say that you can populate people fields by providing only emais. Item Mapping and Custom Entities

Is there way to populate “People” column value by posting only user email?

Hello @Severyn!

The people column must be populated using the user’s ID when doing so via API.

The second link you sent is the article about item mapping. For item mapping, we are using monday’s “create item with mapping” workflow block, which uses email addresses.

Hope it helps!


@Matias.Monday I see. Thanks

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Hi, we also would like to be able to populate a person column using the Email… MONDAY DEV TEAM… is there anyway you could enable this… this would be so good to add have an automation that takes the email from a text field on a Form and push this to a PERSON column !!! Please, this should be a fairly simple addition and would REALLY help! (we also want to do it via the API, and I think will have to build a separate lookup table to do this currently). Thanks.

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We use the VLOOKUP Auto-link Editor app to populate people columns based on email addresses. You have to setup & maintain a table of users, but it allows for the people columns to be populated based on a email addresses provided in a text field on a form.

Thanks Kristine - that is my fallback option, but with 600+staff I’m hoping to avoid the lookup table option and be able to use the Monday account directly to avoid the overhead of managing the lookup table.

Hello @MHaigh!

I have passed this feedback to our team. This is a feature that has been requested in the past and that is being reviewed, so I have added your vote and comment to it :slightly_smiling_face:

Having said that, I do not have an ETA on this, so I would not count on it being implemented in the nearest future.


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