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Hello everyone,

I would like to build the following solution in Monday :

  • One portfolio board that gives an overview with one item per project, with its status, dates, etc.
  • For each project a board with more detail, one item for each task.

I would like to know what are your advice to build this solution and to make these two level of board communicate ? Today I can’t find a way to easily link information from the project boards to the portfolio board. It could be great if each time I change data in the project board (status, dates, etc.) it reflects automatically on the portfolio board.

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hi @corentin.dalfarra

If your portfolio board is using one item per project and you want to show aggregated data from all of you project on your portfolio board (like %status done, total costs, total hours etc) I suggest to have a look at this app here.

The app allows you to create project boards out of your portfolio board based on monday templates. With a bunch of recipe you can aggregate all your project board’s data to the portfolio board. It does not doe linking and mirroring but display the information in real monday column (so you can automate from there). Don’t want to aggregate ALL items in your project board? Solved, but filtering.

Have fun with it.

Hello @basdebruin

Thank you for your answer,

If I understand well there is no native way of doing this. I will test the app and see if it can answer my need,

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Hi @corentin.dalfarra - I Also answered you in the other post you had in regards to this. The way we like to implement is to create the Portfolio board as the initiation board for new projects. From there you include the corresponding project name as a default value into your individual project boards. From there you can have an automation select the pulse in the portfolio board.


Then within your portfolio, show mirrored columns from the project boards showing the overall board status, dates, etc…


Hello @mark.anley

Thank you for your great answer ! It seems that it is possible to have links between the two levels of boards.

It is exactly what you describe, in fact the perfect use case could be :

  • I have a portfolio board with one item per project
  • A project is approved, thent I launch the creation of the project
  • It takes from a template board a create the project
  • The links are implemented between the two levels

Unfortunately I can’t manage to implement the solution you mentioned. I added an “Porject iD” column on both boards, and I add the automation but it does not seem to work.

Do you have more information about this setup ? Even in Monday documentation I have not found any article to explain this kind of linking.

Thank you for your greater help,


To be more precise here are some screenshots :
Each time I create a task in my project, it automatically links with portfolio board.

But on the other way, each time I add a task, I don’t see the task added here in “Projet Alpha”…

If you have any idea, please let me know,

Thank you again,


Hi @corentin.dalfarra - just to confirm, if you can manually select the portfolio project from the individual project boards and the link shows in both boards?

Where did you initiate the two way connection? From the Portfolio or Project Board? I think what you will need to do, is when a new project board is created from the template, you will need to add that new project board to the connect board column on the portfolio board (as a two-way). This will create a new connected board column on your project board. This step is needed as the connection will not be automatically made when created from a template.

Hope this helps,

Hi @mark.anley

With this solution the only problem is that each time I add a task on the project level, I have to add the link manually to the portfolio level.

I initiated the two way connection from the project board, but it did not create a link column automatically in the portoflio board, so I added this column manually.

These link-board columns are quite unclear for me…

Thanks for your help,


@corentin.dalfarra Try initiating the two way connection from the Portfolio board instead. This should create a new connected board column on your Project board then you can setup the matching automation as described.


It works and without any automation ! I am grateful for this !

Have a great day,


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