Possibility to add sections to the board table view

can you add feature “Sections” to the main table view


Before Monday i was using Microsoft To Do. But as my to do list started to grow, i was struggling to see the whole picture. I struggled to see what i am doing, what are my priorities, what is the progress, AND i wanted to see not specific action items BUT i wanted to see the general picture of epics.

With Microsoft To Do it was not convenient.

So i decided to move to [monday.com]

Monday.com allows me to see the bigger picture, to see my epics in one place. But i have different categories of task, and i can create a New Board, but this will require me to switch between bards and lose sight.

What i would like to have - is a possibility to add “sections” to “split” my epics into lists. Here is a quick visual.

Basically the idea is to add possibility to add sections and within that section add items/projects/etc. You can add sections, rename sections, remove sections, collapse/expand sections, reorder them, and etc

For reference there is a similar feature in Jira

For more info reach out to me v.gnatenko88@gmail.com