Powerful integration between Microsoft Teams and Monday.com

Hello fellow monday.com and microsoft teams users!

I’m working on a project to create an app that can improve the integration between these two amazing platforms. :blush:

I’m curious to know what are some of the challenges or frustrations that you face when using the current integration. What are some of the features that you wish were available or better implemented? How do you use the integration to manage your projects and collaborate with your team?

Please share your pain points and suggestions with me in this thread or send me a direct message. I appreciate your time and input.

Thank you! :blush:

Hi @Julia1 :cherry_blossom:

I wonder if you post this on the main destination section of the user as well? Maybe you can gain some more feedback and ideas there? :thinking:

Hi @TomFri

Thank you for your reply.
I have posted it on the apps integratiin section as well. Or would you have any better suggestion?

Thank you :slight_smile:

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I believe you did right, apps and integrations would be the best place for that.

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