Pre-made automations?

Hi all. I’m unsure how to use the pre-made automations that are appearing in my boards. I understand how to create automations, but what’s the exact purpose of this, if the only thing I can change is the status field?

Hey @tlangford! Thanks for posting about this :slight_smile:

This automation is there to increase the discoverability of automations, i.e., to show an example of what is possible with them. This specific automation will create an update (in the “speech bubble”) on an item when the status is changed to done, and that update will show when the update was created (when the status was changed to done). That way you could track progress on the item over time.

That being said, if it’s not a helpful automation you could toggle it to off or delete the automation entirely (using the three-dot menu) and create other automations that are more helpful: I was always curious about those ‘auto-automations’ haha.

Thanks for the info

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@timlittletech of course :slight_smile: If any more questions about them come up, feel free to send my way!

Thanks for the clarification. I’d recommend adding this to the standard help documentation, as I’m sure there are others like Tim and I… or maybe we’re just special :wink:

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