Pre-made free automations

So there are a handful of ‘pre-made free automations’. One adds an ‘update’ to the status bubble when you complete a task.

However, most people expect a task to get ‘hidden’ or move somewhere when its done so it doesn’t make the board longer and longer over time.

Most solutions have built functionality for this (as well as recurring tasks), but Monday relies on it’s automations to do this.

That is fine functionally, but they should NOT count as an automation use. This is core task management functionality and basically makes any level of the product below pro with 25k automations, useless.

I respect that Monday needs to make a living, but if you insist on the pro-level to make a system that works for task management, then remove the lower levels as otherwise, it’s a bait and switch because you’ll burn through 250 automations well before month end when they are needed to clear off done tasks, or to handle recurring entries