Predicting Values based on a Description - Effort Estimations, Article Engagement based on title, Task complexity, etc

Hey there!

We are starting the next step in Forecasting features - predicting based on text description.

This way you can predict the effort per task based on the description, article engagement value based on title, complexity of a task based on it’s description, etc.

The key is that it works based on your examples that you configure in Bitskout(you can update them based on performance) and requires you to provide a description (say, article title) and the text label (above/below average). Our system will classify any text according to those labels.

One of our clients is testing this feature to predict the task effort in 3 gradations (easy (<8hr), average (8h-15h), hard >25h) which allows them to dynamically distribute the load, forecast budgets and etc.

As always, looking for volunteers to try it out. Feel free to DM me.

Here is the demo:

Bumping this up to see if there are more users interested in testing.