Prevent Item Creation Only Allow Items to be Copied from Other Boards

Hey Community!

I’m wondering if there is a way to lock down boards from a user creating new items, but instead allow them to copy items from other boards? So in our use case, we have a board, “Inquiry Tracking” that is meant to be used to input every request for service that we receive, whether it’s a repeat customer or even if the inquiry doesn’t turn into a customer. The goal being to be able to keep analytics of our inquiries for service, ie. where they came from, what geographical county, if they are return customers, etc. Unfortunately I’m having trouble getting our primary data entry employee to use this workflow and they instead are working in reverse, creating new deliveries in a board created as a daily schedule, thus we are loosing the analytics and saved board filters I’ve set up for the “Inquiry Tracking” board. I’ve considered using the Link To Columns, but I think with our use case, they are just going to be more cumbersome for what we need. Instead, I’m wondering if there is simply a way to change the permissions of this user for specific boards to allow them to copy items into a board/edit the boards, but not allow them to create new items in that particular board? Anyone have any workflows or thoughts on this?


One idea you might consider would be to change the board permissions to “Edit content only in items assigned to them in the people column(s)”:

When board permissions are set this way only board owners can add new items.

Then on your other board(s) you would need to add a button column to create the item on the first board.

The details are a little tricky but it would definitely work.