Pricing Ladder calculations

We have pricing that goes down as volume goes up. This pricing ladder is based on the full month’s volume.
However, our settlements are sometimes weekly. So as the month advances we may be paying less % not only on the next settlement but taking into account the higher % initially paid out.
I am looking for an idea on how to set this up with the least amount of boards.


It seems that the pricing calculations are a primary concern. I think it would be helpful if you gave some additional detail on you use case. What else you are wanting to keep track of. How many items are you tracking. What is you ideal workflow, etc.

It’s probably too complex for here…
I have a solution but that requires two boards and it’s only partially automated.
Volume and fees on one board. And then the comparison between the updated total fees owed (lower pricing tier due to pricing ladder) vs. how much has already been paid up to now.
I admit it’s a bit hard to explain in writing.


I understand.

If it’s too complicated to explain here, your best bet might be to hire a consultant. Here’s a link to monday partners: Hire an Expert - monday Community.