Pricing versioning documentation update req'd

@rachelatmonday See Pricing versioning

The current documentation leaves out the following which seems to be true from my experience today fixing a few things on the fly.

  • Accounts on free plans always send the free plan_id from the most recent pricing_version.
  • Accounts on free plans always send “null” for the pricing_version.
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Thanks for bringing this up @codyfrisch! I will verify these updates and then make changes to the docs accordingly :slight_smile:

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Hey @codyfrisch,

Just a quick follow up question!

For point 2, when did the account send null? Was it Integration objects?


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Yes, in integration JWTs.

Not 100% positive about webhooks for subscription changes though.

I have added code to shim null && free plan ID to the latest pricing_version early in the handler so it doesn’t cause issues.

But it would be nice to A) not have to do this and B) if these sorts of oddities are documented even if they are bugs/errata.