Print Gantt-Chart

Exporting Gantt-Charts to Excel does not seem to working. It is it possible to export the Gantt-Chart as a PDF instead?

We are looking to print our Gantt Chart from as well.

Please make printing Gantt charts easier… it would be good to be able to customise the print area

Same issue here. It would be really helpful if it becomes possible to export Gantt-charts to a PDF or to an Excel in its original form (shown on Now the Gantt chart is shown really differently when you export it to Excel. This was not what we expected…

Is it possible to put this in the development plan of Monday?

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Indeed, the Excel export isn’t something you can share with a client.


would be nice as well need to share production schedules

Is there any estimate timeframe on properly printing the ganatt chart or awknowledgement that this is a required feature for users? Monday, you are great, but we need this feature!

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I’m also in the same boat. Export to excel is adequate at best, but needs a significant amount of work to get into shareable format, making it basically pointless. The only other option for me is to take screen shots and piece together views, which is just not cutting it. Export to PDF is a critical feature, and I really would like the team at to develop this.

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I would also like to vote for this please - exporting a gantt chart (with option to show columns from task list too) is essential.

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Can we also export a graphical view of gantt charts so that one see the dependency as the excel file does that offer that.

I also need to export the Gantt as a PDF. Any updates on that feature being created?

Need the ability to share our schedule in Gannt view, via PDF. When is this happening?

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