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dear all,
i want to build my board, and my customer want to add button print to my board
can you help me for this request?

@syahdan Welcome to the Monday community!

To make sure I understand, you want the option for someone(customer?) to print your entire board? Is that person(customer) a guest or another user on your Monday account? How does that involve a digital signature?

Please provide as many details as you can and we’ll do our best to assist.


I have a board like this


I want my system can print document like this when user click print button


Can you help me for this problem? thanks


Something like this is achievable to an extent. Your document can be generated by an App in the Marketplace such as Docugen. You build a template similar to what you’ve shown and then in 1 click you can generate a PDF to be emailed or downloaded.

Now the Digital Signature portion is another step, that may or may not be an option currently. How exactly does that fit into your workflow?

Do you just need a section that can be signed digitally after the document is created
-If yes, then you will just need to include a Signature line(feature in MS Word) in your template. Although I believe Docugen is also working a esign option for their app, which is why I mentioned them specifically for your needs.

Hope this helps!

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