Private board not showing anywhere restricting access through general board queries

There is this private board somewhere in our org that is throwing an error every time I try to query it through graphQL. I notice that other private boards are automatically excluded from a query, but this specific board is not. Myself and another admin cant even find this board anywhere on our workspaces, so we don’t even know how to troubleshoot it.

I simply want to query all our boards and get their columns, but as soon as the query reaches this private board, it throws the error that I am not authorized to get any information from that board.

So, I am wondering: how I can exclude this board from my query? Why cannot I see this board on any of our workspaces? If I don’t have board permissions to look at it as an admin, how do I find it to make changes?

As a note, I came in as a dev to work on this after leadership had a chance to play around, so this private board is something leftover from testing.


That sounds really odd. To be transparent with you, the Private and Shareable boards you don’t have access to should be excluded from the query automatically.

If you don’t mind, could you reach out to us via with further detail on the issue? I’d love to see:

  • The code you are currently using;
  • The query you are making;
  • The board that seems to be causing the issue - are you specifying it via ID?

I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon! :slight_smile:


Email sent. I shall mirror the convo here for others who are curious.

I figured the private board I don’t have access should automatically be removed from my query, but there seems to be something particularly wrong with these private boards. As they cannot be found anywhere other than a random query.

The query I am trying is a simple… No params. I just need the names of the columns that appear in that board. But once I hit the column level of a query, it blocks me.


… query. But when I reach that mysterious board in the query, it throws an error saying I am not authorized. I am using the API playground to make this query.

The name of this private board is “monday doc”. And there are duplicates of it in my query. I see four of them in fact.

Okay. I got a bit more info. The “monday Doc” is a file that lives on our orgs Sharepoint. It is a file on a few of our items on a typical board. But it seems to be also a board? I asked to get permission to see these boards to take a look, but according to another person, I should already be able to view them.

This screenshot if from that person.

I think I understand the issue now. According to Monday support. When a new doc is created, it is considered a “board”. When I query all boards, these "monday Doc"s are included in that query.

Normally, when you query boards, it will not show boards you do not have access to, but it does not take into account the workdocs associated with that private board. So, it returns that private workdoc within the private board and throws an authorization error.

Confirmed. Querying boards and showing their board_kind indicated that WorkDocs are always considered public. Even if they are attached to a private board.

I did some tests on a private test board. And I am also noticing that even when I delete a Monday workdoc from a file column, it still displays in the query. This is not good. This bloats the board query with items that is not a board and not even existent anymore…


Thank you for sharing your findings here. As mentioned just now over email, what you are experiencing is not the expected behavior, as monday docs should be omitted when querying boards by default.

I’ve reported the behavior along and as soon as this is fixed, I’ll let you know :slight_smile: Thanks so much for ouyr patience and for helping us spot this.