Private or Admin level only Automations

Hi there, I am looking to see if anyone has a solution for me. I would like to create automations on each board or at an account level that changes the number column on a board when a specific person is added to a Person column.

E.g. In the Task for (Person) column, it is changed to Sarah, I want the hidden Hourly Rate (Number) column change to 100.

This can be created as a normal automation, but everyone can then see this automation and see their colleague’s hourly rate. Can this somehow be done so that it is not visible to everyone?

I have also tried this in Workflows and have been unsuccessful.

Hi Candice,

There are a number of possible approaches here:

  1. Some permissions sets do not display the detail of automations active on a board (Guests/Visitors etc. I believe—although you should test this), however it may be the case that this is not suitable, if you need individuals to be able to interact with data on a board.
  2. You could use a Formula and have conditions based on the names of users. This could get unwieldy if you have 10+ different people/rates for example, however with proper formatting it is a viable solution.
  3. My recommendation would probably be to hold a database board for users and store their rates there. Below is an explanation of how you would do this, although it’s a little complicated. Of course feel free to reach out if you would like to book a workshopping session or need other help with your solution.

Here are the steps:

  1. Create another board. Let’s call it “Employees”. The board should be public. Add an item for each employee and in a Person column add that employee. Add a numbers column that is view restricted. Call that column “Rates” and enter the rate for each employee there.
  2. Connect the Employees board to your existing board with a two-way connection.
  3. Add this automation to your existing board.

    and configure it to use the Person column from each board. Use overwrite logic, and of course it should be connected to your new Employees board. Now, when a person is assigned on your existing board, they should be connected to their corresponding item on the Employees board.
  4. Mirror the “Rates” column from the Employees board to your existing board. Since this is view restricted, regular users won’t be able to see the data. You can use this data in formulas etc.

Hopefully that is clear. Good luck with your solution, and of course always feel free to reach out if you need help with more complex elements of your solution.