Problem retrieving all results from board

Hi, I have connected via API with my board in which contains 600 row entries + 800 subtasks. I want to retrieve only the rows of course but since there is a timeout of 60 seconds, i am only able to retrieve 300 at a time.

  1. how can i run the script a 2nd time to retrieve rows 301-600 for example?
  2. is there a way i can filter the results so that i can limit the number in results, for example, I want all the ones where in column A = status 123?

I use the below query
query { boards (ids: 123456789) { name id items { name column_values{id type text }} }}';

Hello there @webwizny!

You can use pagination to go through the items. It would look like this:
query { boards (ids: 123456789) { name id items (limit: 300, page: 1) { name column_values{id type text }} }}

Then once you get the response to that, you change the “page: 1” for “page: 2” to get the second page (items 301 to 600) and you continue iterating until the response gives you less than 300 items.

Regarding the second question, you can use item_by_column_values as explained here.

I hope that helps!


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Thank you very much @Matias.Monday !! it worked perfectly

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Glad to help @webwizny !

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