Problem with Print/Save to pdf the whole Gantt chart

We want to print /save to pdf (or jpeg) the whole complete Gantt chart especially big Gantt chart that span more than 1 A4 page.
Problem with “Print Board” feature for Gantt View is it can print/save to pdf but not whole Gantt chart- it can only print/save to pdf whatever you see on first page and not the next pages in one pdf file.
We reduced the “scale” in “Print Board” and also changed page to A3 size to fit whole Gantt chart into 1 page but bottom part of Gantt chart is missing. We tried a Chrome extension called GoFullPage but it only captures first page and not all pages. Does anyone know of workaround solution either using third part apps or add on or extension ?
Would not mind paying some reasonable fee to a consultant/specialist who can provide a workaround solution that will fix/solve this problem.

Thanks in advance

This feature is highly requested already by a lot of user since the export to Excel doesn’t work at all and it takes away all dependencies for instance.

@monday Please make an export to pdf with and end and start date possible…


I agree, we tried to present something to our customers today and it doesn’t look professional at all with excel!

Is this something in the pipeline ? Do you have an ETA ? Thanks