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ID column is not sorting when I sort using a Creation Log column – resulting in ID applied to the wrong records visually in the main table.

This issues does not seem to occur when you do board level sorting, only column sorting.

New items created via the submission of a form are automatically added to the bottom of the table even if the table is sorted by most recent using the Creation Log column – maybe add a refresh button as the new item should appear at the top of the sorted records

The ‘total’ field beneath the table for the status column – does not show the color coding in the same ordering as the status labels (when you add/edit labels)

Sometimes the horizontal scroll disappears from the bottom of the board screen, meaning you have to use your mouse to move across columns. It would be better to enable a horizontal scroll on the columns for each table.

Within the session info in preferences, the location details are not updating to the actual session location (Windows Chrome San Jose, California, US) I am in Australia, this works find for mobile devices.

No ability to set number formatting on chart axes (column) and the formatting for text values that appears above each column in the chart does not show the formatting. It only displays the formatting when the value is overlayed in the middle, of the column.

It seems that when you chart mirrored fields, the number formatting it not flowing through to the chart.

Inability to added data series to stacked bars - kind of defeats the purpose of having them

Mirrored columns across multiple boards are not updating until you actually open the board - example;

If I have four boards, board 1 and board 2 have some manually entered data on them, I consolidate a column from those two boards onto board 3 using mirrored columns, I then mirror the consolidated column from board 3 onto board 4.

After a few hours of not using, when I go back to board 4 the data is missing. But when I go back and open board 3 then go back to board 4, the data has been refreshed and i now see it in the mirror column of board 4.

I can confirm the ID sorting issue does actually occur even when you filter using the board level filters. - I could not edit the message at the top.

Hey @andrewm thanks so much for all this feedback!
I just want to start off by saying we usually categorize these things as “feature requests” “feature feedback” or “bugs.” This will allow us to effectively go through all your feedback and connect you with the proper people who can answer your questions or push forward your requests.

Let’s try to cover everything you mentioned:

  • Currently the sort function does not work when new items are added, by form or manually. However, this is something that we plan on changing in the future. For now, you will have to sort the board again and save the sort when adding new items.
  • In terms of the status colours in the footer - I will definitely point that out to the team!
  • The horizontal scroll issue - I have not seen this before, next time this happens can you send us a quick video demonstrating the issue? Which browser are you using? I can try to reproduce :slight_smile:
  • Are you seeing additional session info or missing session info? Can you please send a screenshot of the login session from California and request that they share it with me? I will definitely look into this for you.
  • In terms of the feedback on our dashboards, I will pass it along to our Dashboards team and have them reach out if they need more information!
  • Can you email regarding the 2 bugs you are having:
  1. with the mirror columns and include the board urls and explain the issue you are having so that we can report it to our dev team?
  2. the ID column not sorting when sorting using the creation log. I could not reproduce this but would love to see a video or a couple screenshots as this is definitely something we would want to fix!