Progess bar automatisation


could it be possible to create an automatisation :

when the “barre de progession” (in french o rin english advancement bar maybe) is complete (=100%) move the item to board.

Could be interesting to be able to move an item depending of the percentage of this progress bar.

Thanks a lot


Although there are currently no automations that trigger or affect progress bars, this might be achievable through a combination of automations depending on your variables. Two options I can think of:

  1. You can make a custom automation with an “and” argument for each status. So once they are all reach done, you have that automation change a final Status Column which then triggers an automation:

  2. An alternate option is to put all your statuses into Sub-Items instead of parent item columns. There is a pre-built automation that changes an items status if all subitems are the same status. You would again finish this with the same Move Item automation once that final status changes.

Of course, neither of these options work if your status labels aren’t the same option for “done”. Let me know if you need assistance or clarification with either of these options.

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Okay thanks, but the goal is not to give a lot of time creating automatisation, I see your solutions but they are time consuming in the long run, thanks! I will wait the update hopefully

have a great day

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