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Permanent role.

Hi, we are large social enterprise (not for profit) in early learning across Australia. We are forming a program and change management team and looking for a Program Coordinator.

We believe has a great potential to support us as our platform for program management in supporting idea capture, decision making, to consider capacity management and to connect to cross functional team boards and task allocation.

If you are a great Program Coordinator/Manager, know how to maximise to make great program level decisions and want to be involved from creation through to owning each day to improve program outcomes, we would love to hear from you.

While head office is Murarrie, Queensland, we are open to candidates in any state in Australia. to find out more click on the link below or get in touch.

Have a great day.

Hi @gscherf ,

Welcome to the community. I don’t have any doubts you will find someone here for your role.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Elena, and I’m the founder of Kick Consulting. I worked with for over four years and have a team of 11 now working alongside me (Project/change managers, Implementation managers, developers). I have a truly global team. However, the hub is located in Oz (I’m 3 hrs north of Sydney).

We have several large Australian (and some US-based ones too) NFP household names as clients who engage us for 3 - 6+ months to manage the program of operational and structural projects to set up and get the most out of their All of our clients are remote :).

We offer a complimentary 1-hour initial meeting to discuss your pinpoints, needs, possible steps forward and options. You can book a session through this link. If you cannot find a suitable time, please let me know, and I will contact you with more availability.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kick Consulting