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I would like the option for Monday to automatically email my customers as their order progresses through our system. Each time we move an order from one step to the next on the board, the customer gets an update. This need to be just for their order and not every change on the board.

Hi @Cara
I would love to help you set up this process and automate emails out to your customers.

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Hi @Cara - There are several ways to do this, and most likely it won’t require any custom programming. I’d love to chat with you about your order process and how you can automate it to keep your customers informed. You can schedule a strategy session here so we can review the options together: Book Polished Geek: more with

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Hi @Cara ,

Welcome to community! This email integration is very simple. You can either do it via native Monday integration, however, it only allows to send plan text emails.

Alternatively, through Zapier integration you can send html emails to clients based on status. If you want to chat further, you can book a complimentary 1 hour meeting with me. I can also shoot you some instructions :slight_smile: Let me know.


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Hi Cara,
What you are wanting done is right up my alley of expertise and I would be happy in helping you out on this.
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