Progress Column adjust for status steps that are "N/A"

We have an 11 step process, so for one pulse there are 11 stages/statuses and a “Progress” column to summarize where we are in the process. For some of the pulses, a few of the statuses are “N/A”. Marking them as “Done” would be misleading, so “N/A” is really most appropriate. The “Progress” column then doesn’t count these as “Done” so the progress always looks understated, even when it’s completed it’s never 100% because of the “N/A” status columns. Can the “Progress” column remove and recalculate progress to account for the status columns that are “N/A”?

@keames Can you just tell Monday that N/A also means Completed in the Status column settings? You can set multiple Status labels to mean “Completed”. Would that help or hinder your progress %?



Oh my god, mind blown. That works perfectly, I was digging in all the “Progress” column settings, didn’t think to look at the Status columns involved. You’re AMAZING! Thank you :smiley:

No problem. You’re welcome. Glad to help.