Project management

Hello team, I have a problem, I am currently managing a project where the Architects company needs to visualize data such as resources, dates, hours at work, etc. inside a board called Summary, the problem is that 60 projects are connected as such inside the Summary board, and for the connection it is done very manually, which means that the risk of Error is great, the question is, any recommendation on how to have you worked on something like this?

Hey Daniel! :wave: I’d love to learn more about what kind of error or mistake you are worried about here. Are you worried that information might not sync with so many boards connected? Or that you won’t be able to clearly see a mistake among all the connected boards?

Once I have a little bit more clarity about the problem here, I can offer some workaround suggestions! :blush:

Now there are many systems that help to effectively manage projects. Our company uses project management software which has all the necessary features for internal work organization. Every time a client comes to us, he goes through a script that is already pre-written. Initially, Sales Manager talks about our services and advantages of cooperation with us. If the client is interested, our Product Manager helps to determine the client’s budget and goals. After negotiation of all the nuances, a contract is signed.