Prompt for column id before creating a column (dev mode)

Before the column is created, just a quick prompt for the column id we want, before continuing with creation, would be amazing. I can control it via API for some column types but not all, such as the board-relation column type.

this can be turned off normally and only turned on in dev mode or as a labs feature.

Hey @codyfrisch :wave:

While I definitely see how this could be impactful to a lot of teams using the API, I’m afraid that column IDs are currently generated automatically, and we do not provide any option to control the ID of the created column, other than creating it via the API. In that case, it would be generated basd on the title. I’m sure you were aware of this, though. :slight_smile:

I’ve moved this to our feature requests section, but to be transparent, this is not likely to be implemented in the nearest future. Having said that, I am also not able to commit to an ETA or even a rough timeline just yet.

I hope this helps clarify! Thank you for helping us make better :slight_smile:


I think it should be possible to have something in the web UI that prompts for the name to be used before its created, and pass that into the create method. Maybe a checkbox to specify column name, on the create column box.

I don’t think that would necessarily take significant rearchitecting of anything since it would be implemented at the view level to gather the info and pass it along. The only change would be for the column create method to accept the value to use as the title (and hence id). and of course exception handling if the name is invalid or already exists :).