Props won't show up on Vibe Design UI

I’m having issues with passing in props into the Vibe Design UI. I notice props such name, title and etc. are not updated when I initialize them. I can change the id of the component but not much else. I need the name or title to identify which component the input came from as only the value of the input is passed when you call onChange.


Hello there @vchan,

Are you expecting to get the “name” attribute from the onChange or from the DOM?

Hello Matias,
From onChange. I’d like to see the name attribute whenever I call onChange. Thank you!

Hello Matias,

I realized this is not an issue with but a lack of understanding on my part on React. I have found a workaround and appreciate your help. Thank you and have a good day!

Hello again,

I am sorry for the late reply!

I am glad you found the solution for this :grin:

Let us know if you need anything else.