Protecting saved views?

working on building a handful of saved views for our super board to help narrow down a couple specific workflows.

pro: views are saved across our organization so we can set up a couple workflows that should work for everyone.
con: it is way too easy for someone to add/remove a filter and overwrite the saved view for everyone else.

is there a way to lock down a saved view for the team on a specific board so they can add filters for themselves (ie search for themselves to see what is assigned to them) but won’t wreck the saved view for everyone else?


Agreed. I do exactly that myself if I’m not fully concentrating on what I’m doing.

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+1. We want both group-level views (everyone’s projects) and person-specific views (my projects filtered from the team board) on our projects board. Only admins should be able to change the group-level views. For person-specific views, ideally only admins and specific users can see/change them.

An alternative that I have used on other platforms is a variable in the view/report that represents the current user. For example, this would filter a person column for the current logged in user. That way a single view gives everyone their own list of rows.