Public url missing..!

I am trying to build an app using monday sdk and it was all going well but somehow,my public vanishes and now not coming up in the terminal.
like ngrok url…!
I have also tried http://localhost:4040/status to get that but the page does not comes up ,though my code is running and debugger is attached.

Hello @aquibk
Can you post here the scripts sections of your package.json file. There is a possibility that, you haven’t started the ngrok server but rather as indicated in the bottom part of your first image.

Hi @kolaai ,

Attaching the screenshot of package.json…!

If you stop the debugger and run npm start, does it work?

Hi @aquibk!

I agree with @kolaai that I think the issue is related to your package.json file, although it looks like everything is alright there.

I will say that I don’t include the inspector in my server command. Perhaps this is the reason why it’s acting up?

Let us know!

@kolaai @Helen


Thanks for your suggestions, but its strange that it comes back on its own without changing a single line of code.

Thank you.

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Hi @aquibk,

Just to make sure we’re on the same page, it sounds like everything is working now?

If the issue does come back, please feel free to email into so that we can continue investigating together.

Thank you!

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Hey again @aquibk :wave:

Just to make sure we’re on the same page here, is the issue now resolved? Localtunnel URLs should stay available for as long as your session is active, so perhaps it stopped working after a restart (in that case, you do need to start the server again).


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@AlexSavchuk @Helen

Thanks again…!!

Yes it is working now,but it was a random issue which sorted out on its own.
And yes for restarting thing, I had restarted the server several times, Seems like it was something out of the box.
Definitely, If it comes up again, I will connect with you guys.

Thank you,:slight_smile:


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