Pull in items from a board and place them in a field of another


I am trying to build a CRM with two boards. One for organisations and one for current deals on the website.

What I ideally want to do is to create an integration that pulls in all the deals that an organisation has from the deals board and places them in a field next to each organisation on the organisation board.

The recipe would be something like this:

If a new item is added to board Deals then match Organisation Name on the Organisations board and add the Deal name to the Deal column in that Organisation’s row.

So this would result in something like this in the Organisation board:

Organisation Name: ABC Corp
Deals: Deal 1, Deal 2, Deal 3

Is this possible with an out of the box automation or is there another way I can structure this to pull in the data?

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I can’t think of a way to do that “out of the box”. If you are willing to make Deals a connect boards column, you could use this automation:

Otherwise, I think you would need a custom solution using Integromat/Make or similar.

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