Pull Status from new item created by email

We use a service called Check_MK (Similar to Nagios if anyone may be familiar to that as well), this service periodically checks Servers for various items that could potentially go wrong and then send an email alert to us when and if something happens.
I am looking for a way to try and integrate this with Monday.com
The email subject is as follows:
Check_MK: {HOSTNAME}/{SERVICENAME} {PreviousStatus} -> {NewStatus}

What I would LOVE is to somehow make it when the new item is created then it adjusts the Pulse name and Sets a status based off the {NewStatus} variable…
Check_MK: ServerNameHere/Interface 28 WARN -> OK
Would be split in to a Pulse named: Check_MK: ServerNameHere/Interface 28 – with a Status of OK.
But also same time if there was a previous pulse with the name Check_MK: ServerNameHere/Interface 28 – with a status of WARN it would update that same pulse instead of making a new one…
If/Then statement style:
When new email comes in: Check_MK: {HOSTNAME}/{SERVICENAME} {PreviousStatus} -> {NewStatus}
Remove: {PreviousStatus} -> {NewStatus} AND
IF Group has an Item with name = Check_MK: {HOSTNAME}/{SERVICENAME} , THEN edit Status of that Item to match {NewStatus}, ELSE IF Group doues NOT have an Item with name = Check_MK: {HOSTNAME}/{SERVICENAME}, THEN Make new New Item in Group with name = Check_MK: {HOSTNAME}/{SERVICENAME} AND set Item status to {NewStatus}

Maybe I am just wanting the world and no real way of knowing where to start or how to make this happen. Ha.

Thank you,

I made the same request to support. To be able to make an automation change its status according to a word present in the item