Pulling a unique Sub-Item cell value to be referenced in Item cell

My team is trying to figure out a way to reference a cell (sub-item Actual) on the item line for “Recent Week Actual”. Is anyone aware if this is possible? We use each sub item line as a new “week” with a Projected/Actual/Variance metrics. We’d like to capture on the Item line the most recent Actual.

Hi @AndrewB

Welcome to the community. I don’t think this is possible out-of-the-box. We created an app (currently in the marketplace approval process) that can help out here. The app is called Rollup Subitems and is designed to rollup the data from ALL your subitems to the parent item. In your example this would be the sum of actual (=6). However, the app supports filtering. This requires a dropdown column in your subitems, and any item that has a dropdown value "count me in: (just as an example :slight_smile:) will show up in the parent item. A full video can be watched here (starting at minute 16:20).

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Thanks! I watched the video, that’s very helpful in explaining it. I will have to begin exploring the use of these apps. How long does it typically take for the marketplace approval to complete?

I’d like to explain our conundrum, which is now sounding even less possible. Which is I was hoping that the “Recent Week Actual” value would =2 vs =6 which it currently does. Additionally, as new subitems are have data entered that the value of “Recent Week Actual” reflects the most up to date value. For instance…Week 5 subitem’s Actual value =4, we’d ideally see the Item’s Recent Week Actual value automatically reflect that.

This may not be possible even with the app, based on what i saw on the video.

Regardless, thank you so much for the thoughtful reply. Any help or guidance is very appreciated.

The marketplace process can take up to a few weeks. You can already use and test the app by clicking the “Try me” link on this page.

I think I do understand your use case. The difficulty is: “how do we know what recent is”. Therefore with the app mentioned and an additional column that indicates this week is “current” (or “recent”) you might have a solution. How do you envision which of the subitems is the “Recent Week”? Monday has no concept of ordering, there is simply no left, right, top, bottom, recent, previous etc.

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