Pulling data from other boards and/or the items subitem columns when sending emails


I am having an issue when I am trying to send an e-mail via the CRM module. I want to pull data from other boards in the system, and also including information from the items subitem columns. These are not available via the {brackets}. The workaround I have found about other boards is to create mirror columns, then they show up as available columns in the dialogue but I was wondering if there is a generic way of being able to use data from anywhere in the system, as long as you know the column ID? I have been experimenting but to no luck. Any ideas?

As you said, you need to use mirror column in order to acheive what you want.

Thanks! And no possibility to include subitem columns?

Subitem column could be mirror on subitem level only.

You can create “summary” columns. On a subitem column choose “summarize on parent”. For some values this may work - it will give you a summary value of all of the subitems, like the average of all subitems. Not sure this meets your needs though. But if you only had one subitem with that column filled in - its essentially a mirror of that item.

No - For example if I have a Label Column there, or a text column, and I have several sub-items, it won’t work.