Pulling excel export with API v2. Integromat


Im using Integromat to make automated mountly reports to my CEO. Its mainly workforce and planing information.

So it would be great to be able to acess the MS Excel export files through the API. And maybe export just a given time period. In my case a mounth at a time.

In my specific usecase i need the export from dashboard timeline widget.

Hope this make sense to more people than me.

Kind regards!

Hi there @Brorsson, and I’m glad you’re here with us as part of the monday.community :wave:

To be transparent with you, this is not something that Integromat currently supports, because our API doesn’t support this as a feature. That said, we have recently introduced a feature that might help with what you are looking to do, as you are now able to schedule emails to send a whole Dashboard automatically. I’d recommend reaching out to us at support@monday.com for more detail - this is part of the Enterprise plan only at the time.


@AlexSavchuk thanks for welcoming me!

Yeah i know its not supported by the API at the moment. I was hoping to leave it here as a feature request and that it makes sense to more users than just me so it can get voted for implementation :slightly_smiling_face:

Okay. Thats sounds intresting. I will reach out and hear what we can get offered. We are currently Pro plan users.

Thanks gor your reply.


I would also like a way to automate the download of a board into Excel.

To avoid Integromat or Zapier it could just be an automation recipe such as:
Every “time period” export excel “with/without” updates from “board/group” save to “file location”

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@Elliot Thanks for providing an additional suggestion and I do agree it would be absolutely awesome to have a way to export boards to Excel based on automations or a scheduled event. I’ll make sure the product team is aware of the idea and I appreciate you taking the time to help us improve. :slight_smile: