Pulling in Items + Column Data of a Specific Board View

Hi, I have figured out how to pull in all the data on a board using the API, but how can I limit the data that’s being pulled in to a specific view?

Hi @Patrick!

I’m afraid that at this time, there currently is not a way to return items filtered in a board view from a query using our API.

While you’re able to query attributes about your board views, you wouldn’t be able to see which items are filtered out within these board views.

As such, I’m going to pass your request onwards for our team’s consideration and move this to our “Feature Requests” section. Hopefully this capability will be built out.

For now I wonder if it might not be a better idea to query all of the items on your board and then filter them out using the attributes that you specify within your code? You can also use our items_by_column_values() query to retrieve items matching one column value for one column.