Pulse Chat Window Layout

Ive recentlye watched this video on monday.com youtube channel.
I would like to know how to anable the pulse view, as shown on: https://youtu.be/Yh1FQJlOXF4?t=1328

When i click our pulses, it opens a right site pop up, where you can post your comments…
In the exemple above, it pops up a centered window, with option to include comments but also to edit the pulse.

Reference picture at the bottom.

Can anyone help?

: )

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I contacted monday.com, and in a matter of seconds they activated it!

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That’s really nice. I have been waiting for a view like this for a long time. Thanks @ team Monday.com, awesome!

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Wait! We need this too
How to?

I have not had the chance to test it but would love to have this feature asap in our Monday Work OS.

Besides being able to comment on updates and change columns at the same time, just imagine when they will implement this way of viewing items in your inbox (for example by clicking on the breadcrumb as shown in the image) via a modal (so not having to leave your inbox), this will maximise the usage of the inbox for sure. Can’t wait :sunny:

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@Julia-monday.com @brett-monday.com
congrats to Monday.com by doing this.

@Eltjo i hope this will be implemented too, this is gonna be quickly to see at once the pulse information.

Awesome job guys! Been wanting this since I first started monday!!

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Nice one. Hi @Julia-monday.com, how to enable this one?

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Hi Bas, see the original post. If you contact support they wil activate it for you.

I contacted them via e-mail by clicking the question mark on the monday.com platform menu. @basdebruin

Did you all get sorted?

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Hi @Julia-monday.com

Can you enable this for my account excellent-bid

Thank you for pointing this out Max! This will greatly help my team with our more complex boards.

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