Pulse Data Dump With Update Data

is it possible to dump to (googlesheets) for example, pulses and there updates (example its new status & time date of change). we are trying to build analytics & dash boards with google data studio with pulse data that includes is status changes over time.

Hey Jean-Denis! Dipro here.

At the moment there isn’t a way to directly get the date of a status change via the API. At the moment the API only queries current information, not historical data.

That said, this could be done by using webhooks to update a database (or Google Sheet) every time a status change is made, and then using this for analytics. What do you think?


this would definatly work! i was granted access to the webhooks but i am having trouble connecting in to google sheets threw zoho flow

Hey Jean-Denis! Sorry for the late response.

Are you still having trouble connecting our webhooks to Zoho Flow/Google Sheets?