Pulse indentation (sub-task concept)

Hi Julia, Why dont you, for now, just improve the Check list by adding a few additional column types per check list item like a Who, date and status. At least then we can use it kind of like a sub task. That said, its natural for a task in life to have many sub tasks. Its just the way we live and work. To ask users to elevate a sub pulse/task to a pulse/task is missing the point. If l build a roof, the roof has many things that need to be done before the roof is finished. Thats just life right?


Hi @WeeJohnny

We’re actually in the process of working on a form of sub-tasks. They will work as a sort of board nested as a pop-out through the parent item, meaning you can add all of that information and see it from the parent item.

It’s still being tested in alpha - once it’s in beta testing, we’d be happy for you to try it and give us your feedback :slight_smile:


+1 for the step of implementing the possibility for indentation of items. It would help me a lot to create more of a ‘tree structure’ in a board. See also for what type of board this would help me How to create a sitemap (or site list) board?

Is there a way to get on the Alpha testing group?

Hi Julia,

OMG! I can not wait. Please let me know ASAP.

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Hi, this subtask conversation is really interesting! I’ve noticed that we have the need for something similar, as we have a higher level “overview” board. However, we do not want teams to post all their possible tasks, as even now having bundled up most of the smaller tasks our pulse amount is over 200. At first I thought having subtasks would be great ( and still agree) but I’ve started to think that being able to link a group of pulses on Board A to one pulse (that bundles all the smaller tasks in the higher level board) on Board B (like Danny’s suugestion no.2 above). This way our teams could work with their own boards and have all the smaller tasks as their own pulses, while the management could get a overview from Board B. In case people viewing board B want to know about the bundled stuff in more detail they would be able to navigate easily to the exact group that has the bundled stuff as their own pulses in one group. To clarify, the higher level board B could have a pulse named “small operational development tasks Q4” which would then have a link to a group with the same name in team board A.

Happy to see that you are open to suggestions!


I would love to be included in the group this goes to when it’s in beta. Sub tasks would help immensely for what my team uses MDC for.

We’re actually working on the idea still as we got some feedback from our alpha testers which made us reconsider the direction we were going down. We’ll update once we hear about the new form of sub-tasks :slight_smile:


I would like to put in my two cents about this topic. I think it would be very useful if we could have the item created through your suggestion of automation link to the original item.

Agreed! This would be very useful!