Pulse indentation (sub-task concept)

We are also in the construction industry and sub-task are very important to us. This would really help us make a decision on your solution.


Hey there - to echo what others have requested, could you please provide a time frame?

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Echoing others thoughts here. We are at that stage in our adoption where we’re exploring managing advanced digital marketing projects on MDC, and the ability to create sub-tasks is imperative to achieve that.
Please let us know of the timeline when this will come out so we can plan accordingly.

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We would be satisfied with something as simple as just pulling the checklist items out from inside the individual task and displaying them directly on the board nested under each item.

Hi All!! We appreciate all of your thoughts and inquiries! Subtasks are something we are super excited about - our timeline is looking like we will be releasing it sometime within the early new year for testing and then roll it out to our Beta users :slight_smile:

Please be on the look out! We may also roll out testing to our community as well!

Thanks everyone


That’s great! I’m super appreciative of the timeline update!!!

Great to hear, thanks for the status update.

We hope so!!! Its a must-have!

@brett-monday.com is there any update on the testing version of the subtasks feature?
I am really interested in being included in a testing group. Have a project on my plate that really shouts for the sub-tasks and my team keeps asking for an update about it.
I would very much appreciate an update from your side.


@brett-monday.com me too…
same for custom automations and timetracking improvements.


Hey guys! @AdriannaAmaseu @hlopezvc - thanks for following up on this! As of right now we are not rolling this out to our testing groups, due to the fact that a lot of infrastructure changes are still being made and it is not quite ready – it should be available for testing within the next 1-2 weeks though.

Hang tight!



@brett-monday.com I would also like to be added to the testing group for this. I’m getting a lot of feedback that this is an essential component for us in order to continue developing our use of this program, and if I’m able to say that I’m testing it, it would ease a lot of concerns.

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Can I be added as a Beta tester for the Sub Tasks! I think this would resolve an issue that we are currently having. I would love to help test!

Would also be happy to try the beta :slight_smile:

@brett-monday.com beta access for us too please :wink:

@brett-monday.com If you happen to need more people for testing we would be happy to help :slight_smile:

@Marko @Paolo @johan.n @marcbrown @Gauri hey everyone! Can you please send a PM with your account details to @Oron-monday.com? Thanks!

Just as a side note to everyone on this thread – our subtasks are currently not available quite yet for alpha or beta testing as we are still working out some things on our end here. If we are being transparent here, they are not yet stable enough so this may not be available for testing for another 2 weeks or so.

While we don’t have a specific timeline on this, I did want to set the expectations clearly! Thank you all for understanding, we are very excited for them to come out :slight_smile:

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Would love to be added to the Beta testing for both automations and subtasks

ok, when this releases to beta, add my account please.

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