Pulse indentation (sub-task concept)

Thanks @TheOtherPM

In my opinion this kind of important update should be extended to all the community by the Monday team

I am a bit disappointed by this lack of users/costumers dev-care

I’d like to added to the testing group as well. We’ve been planning a move to Asana because of their subtask capability, but this could change if Monday were to add it. Big Click Syndicate is our group.

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Hi @brett-monday.com – I’d like to added to the testing group as well: https://epsilon-auto-web-team.monday.com/
I’m new here, and just today signed up for an account for my team. Our primary use will be for cross-client multi projects planning, and after seeing this thread I’m concerned because I had assumed that subtasks would have been an inherent concept in a PM tool. I’m hoping your planned roll-out comes soon. If not, I may have to take advantage of the 30-day out and look elsewhere.

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What! Now you’re advertising that Monday. Com has subtasks in beta on your marketing pages. Now I’m confused @brett-monday.com!

Also, what happened to the roadmap page? It now takes me to your website homepage


@TheOtherPM - Not sure why they changed where the roadmap URL points, but here’s the new location of their roadmap: https://view.monday.com/39325084-bfc5c74be3d760bef14f4cd3ea04ffc2

Can you please add me to the testing group. I am down between Asana and Monday. However since Asana does have subtasks, we will end up buying a sub. at Asana. If you manage to put me in the test group and the subtasks works, we will end up subbing on Monday

Could you also add me to the beta list?

I’m trying to convince one of my clients that Monday is the better fit for them (because of the breadth of built-in automations) but subtasks are an essential and non-negotiable feature for them. Without subtasks, they’ll need to switch to Asana.

My test workspace that I need added to the beta: https://ProjectKickstart.monday.com.
Then, if it works well, I’ll contact you to add theirs to the beta.

Thanks so much!

Also, @brett-monday.com, are subtasks still slated for March? I don’t see them anywhere on the roadmap for upcoming this quarter:


Hi, @Julia-monday.com & @brett-monday.com please add our account to the beta too.

Our account is: nosterdigital.monday.com


@Julia-monday.com & @brett-monday.com - Please add our account to the beta group, uw-extension-ceoel.monday.com

Thank you so much!