Purchase Limits by Manager Level

Can I set purchase limits by managerial level? For example, a first level manager can authorize purchases up to $50,000, his manager has a purchase limit of $250,000, the next level manager’s limit is $1,000,000, and so on. Can I direct purchase requests to the appropriate managerial level based on the requestor and the value of the purchase request?

Hey Alan! Yes, it sounds like the Formula Column will serve you well here!

You could use an IF formula function to return the name of the person authorized to purchase, depending on the value range.

Check out this article for some more ideas on setting this up.

What do you think? Could this be helpful?

Hi, Charlotte,

I’m looking for a way to navigate the org chart to find an approved of a certain level of a purchase request.

How does the org chart work?


Hey Alan! Are you referring to the Org Chart Widget? :blush:

You can find more info on it here!

Let me know if this is not quite what you need!

Hi, Charlotte,

Is the hierarchical chart only for users? Or could it be used for parts and components, as an example?

Hi, Charlotte,

Could I have a board for vendor people with people’s names and their manager’s names? Just curious.