Push any date to closest Monday?

I have a board that I want to use for scheduling.
For this scenario; you can assume my company is closed Tuesday-Sunday.
Monday is the only working day of the week.
When a status is selected the item will populate “today’s date”. If that date is not a Monday, I want it to push the date to the closest Monday.
Is there any way to do this with a formula or general caster?

@rob you have been helpful in the past. Do you have any ideas?

Hello @Jguido,

You can use the Date Check app for this.
Here is a sample demo of how.
In the demo, you can ignore the Holidays Board part as it is not relevant to your use case and when selecting the “non-working days”, select all days expect for “Monday”. This way, when the automation runs, it will set the date to the next Monday