Push / Force Automation to Occur for Testing

Hi Team,

Is there any way that we could have a option in the automations three dot (…) menu that will allow us to force / push the automation to test it?

I realize that a lot of automations you can force yourself, such as changing status etc. However for ones that are built around time codes or dates, it is time consuming to have to wait for the next hour to roll over so the automation triggers?

Alternatively, if there is another solution for the above I am not aware of, please let me know!

Thank you!

Hello @jasonfmb,

For your test cases, why not use a button or status column and then substitute with a date column when ready, because if it works for a button or status column, you can be rest assured that it will work for dates too

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Thanks Alfred that is a good workaround. Cheers mate.

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