Push to next woeking day

i have a formula like this

LEFT(FORMAT_DATE(ADD_DAYS(TODAY(), DIVIDE({Remaining time},8))),6)
which is nothing if but , it will calculate the new delivery date from by adding , remaning number days to “TODAY”.
now if the result is SAT or SUN , i want it to be on monday.
and second question ,
if the result date falls under list of given dates(public holidays) it should move to the next working day.
above second question is not mandatory or urgent


For you first question… Here is one way:

FORMAT_DATE(ADD_DAYS(TODAY(), DIVIDE({Remaining Time}, 8 ) + SWITCH(FORMAT_DATE(ADD_DAYS(TODAY(), DIVIDE({Remaining Time}, 8)), "E"), "6", 2, "7", 1, 0)), "MMM D")

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