Query has complexity of 2100080

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I tried to use the Nuget packaged MondayClient V2 and at trying to get one item by ID, the max complexity exceeds error occurs.
Why has a GetItem of one item with only 7 column Values has a complexity of 2.1 Mio?
And how to reduce this?


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Is it possible for you to post the query?

That shouldn’t happen fetching one item is not so complex. If you can share your query than it may be helpful to get some context .

Hi together,

I unfortunately don’t use a query. I will share the code I use.
I added the
MondayClient from nuget package, instance the Client like this:

MondayClient mClient = new MondayClient("[OUR API KEY]");

Than I fetch all the 6 Entrys like this:

List result = await mClient.GetItems([ID of our Board with only 6 Lines]);

And than I fetch the data of one item like this:

Item newItem = await mClient.GetItem([Id of one item in our boards]);

And on both Getters the Error occurs with the message in the screen until next minute starts.

I don’t know what and how much queries will be fired in the background in MondayClient code, that is why I’m looking for a hint.

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Ok, I have found a solution for me, maybe it is helpful for someone else.

The MondayClient V2 downloaded from nuget.org may have a bug. Whenever queries(no mutations) will be done, the parsing in the background generates a complesity of between 2 and 4 million each call. I think it is caused by the reusability in more complex boards. But we have to fire up to 30 queries a minute and only 10 million complexity left, so it doesn’t work for me. I hope that the developer of the version 2 solves the bug, because the V2 package has some advantages to the V1.

What I have done is, I have downloaded the version one containing the example. The version one has complexities of upo to 50.000 max so it is easy to use it. What seems to be not working with is the mutation of none text column values like status fields date fields and so on,
So I have renamed the MondayClient namespace to OldMondayClient and used them for all queries. After this I have downloaded the V2 from nuget.org. I have used the V2 for all mutations, because it works with the new version and has less complexity than the queries of it.

I hope it helps someone.
Feel free to ask if you need help or more examples.

Thanks and BR