Query information from a different board within an Automation


I have a form and want to use automations to handle some automatic actions when a new form is submitted.
e.g. If someone selects a specific country, an e-mail should be send automatically to a specific address. This e-mail address is not part of the Response nor part of the board itself. (use case: I would like to be contacted from your regional sales office in my country → e-mail is send to local partner, distributor or sales office including the necessary information)
As there are multiple different conditions like this with similar recipients, I thought about having the e-mail addresses of the recipients in a separate board to query them from there instead of “hard coding” them into the automation (which is not possible from what I saw by now anyway). Query them from a different board would enable me to change a recipients address for all linked automations instead of walking through all automations for the form and changing them manually.
I hope there is a solution for that.

As I am new to the community: Please move this to a different part if I selected the wrong / not best part of the community for that question