Query multiple boards with items_by_column_values

I need to query all boards for items with a specific column value. Is there a shorter faster way to use items_by_column_values without having to make a separate call for each board id?


Hey @pasiem :wave:

That’s a great question! Also, my warmest welcome to the community. I hope you enjoy your stay!

I’m afraid this is not currently supported. You will only be able to query 1 board at a time, using items_by_column_values. I’ve made sure this thread is set as a feature request, and I’ve also passed the feedback directly to our product team.

That said, I am not able to provide a clear timeline on when or if this would be implemented just yet. I hope that makes sense.


Okay thanks! That is what I thought to be the case (I am still new to both graph ql and monday.com). I hope to see this implemented sometime in the future! :slight_smile: